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A true 'gem' of a store

Casa Ramirez stands as a cultural pillar in the community offering a selection of folk art, Mexican dresses, local artist work, books on culture and cooking and bilingual books for children, greeting cards and decorations. Nationally known and recognized, the folks at Casa Ramirez
celebrate and teach cultural traditions.

Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery is owned and operated by Macario Ramirez and wife Chrissie Dickerson Ramirez. Casa Ramirez promotes and celebrates the rich and vibrant Latino culture, especially that of Mexico, Texas and the Southwest, through related exhibits and shows on Latino cultural traditions and the sale of its art, folkart and crafts. Not a gallery in the usual sense, the shop more resembles a Mexican market. Work by local and state artists, Joe Lopez, Daniel Lechon, Laura Lopez Cano, Ron Arena, Lizbeth Ortiz, Alberto Godoy, Gonzalo Plascencia and others are   displayed along with popular folkart and crafts from Mexico, books and a variety of items. A classroom is also part of the Casa Ramirez mix. Classes have been offered on Dia de los Muertos traditions and altar building, learning Spanish and the history of tequila as well as poetry, book readings and storytelling. Artists have taught gourd painting and mosaic tile techniques.



• Amor Eterno: The Heart Show
  in honor of San Valentin'


• Vaqueros y Rancheros
  during Houston Rodeo


• Crosses and Symbols of Faith
  during the Easter season


• Cesar Chavez, in March/April
  to commemorate his birth

  and contributions

• Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of culture


• Book, poetry and children literature
  readings held occasionally


• Diez y Seis de Septiembre, a   
  celebration of culture


• Dia de los Muertos, Celebrating Our

  Ancestors, during October


• Holiday activities: Fiestas Navideñas

Every year in Houston, Casa Ramirez owners, Macario and Chrissie Ramirez celebrate Dia de los Muertos, a time of festive events throughout Mexico, during the cooler days of late October and early November.


The roots of Dia de los Muertos lie in the pre-Columbian indigenous tradition of honoring the dead. The combination of indgenous, ancient beliefs with religious teachings has created the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, days to honor deceased family members and other loved ones, occurring on November 1st and 2nd.

Dia de los Muertos


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